GeminiJets British Airways Concorde G-BOAB in 1/400 scale review

Posted by AMS Team on 28th Apr 2021

GeminiJets British Airways Concorde G-BOAB in 1/400 scale review

Welcome to our review of the Gemini Jets British Airways Concorde in 1/400 registration G-BOAB.

This is a spectacular model in 1/400 scale that is produced by one of the most recognisable brands in the aviation modelling industry, GeminiJets. 

Lets dig into the model itself now, starting with the box. The box being a Gemini Jets model carries the same familiar design with the graphically generated image on the front, back and sides.

Also the “look inside” tab gives you a fantastic view of the iconic delta wing of the item while inside the box, and some great facts on the real life counterpart.

Once the item is out of the box, the distinct details and markings that Gemini Jets have applied to this model become very clear.

Starting off from the front left side of the model, the cockpit windows and nose visor are done very nicely. The nose on the 1/400 item does not move however the 1/200 variant does. Continuing down the aircraft there are plenty of static ports towards the front boarding door which shows the British Airways titles and Ribbon along with the One World sticker next to the door. 

Easy to notice how small the windows actually are on the concorde, well replicated on this model. Down onto the nose landing gear doors, the two final letters of the registration are seen “AB” in the light blue.

From then onwards the wing shape recogniseable from any angle, labelling the exit markings and routes, at the end of each wing tip is the red colour from the Chatham Dockyard Livery. At the rear of the delta wing is the Rolls Royce Turbojet Powerplant, with great detail.

Moving towards the rear of the fuselage, is the rear exit door and the full registration of the aircraft “G-BOAB”. Tail with the sleek design has the British Airways design.

Just under that is the Concordes single wheel to avoid the event of a tail strike, which is complete with some nice fine details. This tail section also has plenty of static ports and small markings, really showing how much attention Gemini Jets have put into the smaller parts of this model.

Underneath the model is a stand hole, perfect if you wish to display this item in a cabinet or on a shelf, this being suitable for the Gemini Jets 1/400 Stand. Also below the gear doors are visible and the registration on the rear part of the right wing, with some small details and marking shown on the engines.

This model has got a fantastic level of detail, with all the correct colours and markings where they should be. The Gemini Jets Concorde is a must have for any aviation enthusiast or collector, with its historic and iconic design it stands out amongst over 1/400 scale Models.

A full video review to this exact model is linked here if you wish to check it out!

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